Press 'P' to pause the game to view/adjust controls settings, and 'R' to get tips from other bees.

You are Meli. You just turned 22 days old and the biggest task of your life is beginning: it is time to forage. In a meeting with all the other young worker bees, the queen tells you to buzz far away and collect pollen for the hive. The hive’s scout bees have found fields, farms, and forests covered in pollen. All you have to do is collect it! And avoid predators... and avoid pesticides. Good Luck young bee!


  • Space: land (try aiming for a flower or water), or take off.
  • Mouse: direction of movement
  • Left Click: Increases speed
  • Right Click: Decreases speed. 
  • Q : sting a wasp. (either automatically w/ a pick up, or by a special sequence of keys) to Quench your foes.
  • E:  use the vortex pickup if you have picked one up to Escape the area
  • W: call a swarm with at the targeted object with a Waggle dance!
  • R: Talk to another Bee to build up a Repertoire
  • P: Pause